Jiaogulan – Not just for recovering laminitis

You’ve read about jiaogulan and may even know of people whose horse is on it. But what is it really good for?

Potential benefits of jiaogulan:

» Improve circulation with winter laminitis due to cold temperatures. This also needs to be paired with leg wraps, or shipping boots to help protect the legs and hooves from the cold.

» Increased hoof growth. Used in addition to biotin and methionine, many horses experience increased hoof growth.

» Decreased bronchospasm due to allergies or exercise. Breathing issues may benefit from the use of jiaogulan. To increase the effectiveness, this can be paired with spirulina, chondroitin sulfate or MSM.

» Supports tendon and ligament repair. This can be paired with AAKG for potentially better outcomes.

» Supports a healthy immune system.

» Supports exercise recovery, cardiovascular health, and recovery from stress.

Why it works

➡ Vasodilation to encourage better blood flow to an area

➡ Molecularly encourages healing by shunting precursors to form eNOS for the formation of nitric oxide.

➡ Immunomodulation which potentially reducing the Th2 activity of the immune response.

➡ May modulate the cortisol response to stress.

How to give it

It’s recommended to give the jiaogulan twice a day, 20 minutes before a meal. This is the ideal protocol, in a perfect world. Alternatively, if you’re not able to give it before a meal, just increase the amount by 50% to account for the jiaogulan that will stick to the hay and not be available for absorption by the intestinal wall.

What to expect:

There are a multitude of areas that are potentially affected by jiaogulan.

  • Improved hoof growth.
  • For a horse with breathing difficulties due to allergies, a longer period of time that may occur before medication is needed (or possibly the ability to eliminate medications all together).
  • For a horse with skin allergies, a reduced amount of itchiness. Although by itself, it usually is not sufficient to eliminate the allergic response.
  • For tendon and ligament repair, a potentially a shorter time period, but more importantly, potentially, better organized scar tissue.
  • For exercise recovery, potentially a shorter period of time to recover after a strenuous work.
  • A better sense of well-being.

Jiaogulan pairs well with:

Supplements are like tools in our toolbox. It's good to know of supplement strategies that can help our horses live their best lives.

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