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Equine Muscle Support

Equine Muscle Support

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Equine Muscle Support is a comprehensive supplement to aid in muscle support. It contains supplements that are thought to aid in muscle recovery and development. 

Equine Muscle Support formulation is - NO FILLER:
40 Grams gives you:
Acetyl L-Carnitine - 10 grams
L-Lysine HCl  - 7 grams
L- Leucine - 7 grams
DL-Methionine - 3 grams
L-Threonine - 2 grams
Betaine Anhydrous - 5 grams
Beta Alanine - 4 grams
Hesperidin Complex - 2 grams

The perfect supplement for equine athletes, Equine Muscle Support helps maintain muscle support and recovery, while encouraging muscle development to enhance performance and delay muscle wasting. An elegant and exclusive solution for peak performance.

A must-have for any horse lover, Equine Muscle Support is the perfect choice for muscle development and growth, regardless of age. Ideal for performance horses, it also provides the trusted support needed by older horses who struggle with muscle loss. Get ready to see stunning results.

Packaged in a convenient one month supply (3 lbs).

Serving size

Suggested serving size: 3 tablespoons is about 40 grams

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