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Equine Lyme Support

Equine Lyme Support

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For the nutritional support of Lyme disease in horses. Lyme disease is caused by the spirochete, Borrelia bugdorferi. Common symptoms of lyme disease include a sudden onset of spookiness or on-going dermatitis, stiffness, multiple limb lameness, inflammation in the joint capsule. Less common but not rare symptoms may include uveitis.

Standard acceptable veterinary therapy is antibiotics. Typically, antibiotics need to be used early in the course of the disease to allow for partial to complete resolution. 

A recent study found that approximately 70% of the horses in Pennsylvania have antibodies to B. bugdorferi. Ubiquitous in the northeast United States, horses may have a chronic infection that is undiagnosed, or diagnosed as an idiopathic lameness (unknown cause).  

For some horses, they need additional nutritional support after having symptoms of Lyme disease and/or treatment by a veterinarian. Equine Lyme Support was formulated based on the most recent scientific research available for the nutrient support of Lyme disease. 


One scoop (6 grams) of Equine Lyme Support contains:

A proprietary blend of extracts of:

Baicalin from scutellaria baicalensis (Chinese skullcap)

Luteolin from origanum vulgare (Oregano)

Resveratrol from polygonum cuspidatum (Japanese knotweed)

Serving size

Equine Lyme Support

Serving size: 1 scoop = approximately 6 grams

Loading Dose: For the first 10 days, feed 2 scoops per day (12 grams).

Maintenance Dose: 1 scoop per day (6 grams).

Or at the advice of your veterinarian.

Some horses do best by remaining on the loading dose.

250 gram size lasts 42 days at the standard serving size (21 days at the loading size).

750 gram size lasts 126 days at the standard serving size (63 days at the loading size).

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