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Equine Gut Support

Equine Gut Support

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Equine Gut Support is a comprehensive supplement to aid in digestive support. It contains supplements that are thought to aid in various aspects of digestion. Containing prebiotics, probiotics, and other supplements that aid in the support of a healthy digestive tract.

Equine Gut Support formulation has - NO FILLER:
22 Grams gives you:
Yea-Sacc® - 10 grams
Bio-Mos®  - 4 grams
Glutamine - 6 grams
Aloe Vera Extract - 1 gram
Slippery Elm Extract - 500 milligrams
Beta Glucan - 500 milligrams

The perfect supplement for equines with digestive issues, Equine Gut Support helps support a healthy microbiome. A comprehensive and exclusive solution for peak performance.

Packaged in a convenient 41 day supply (2 lbs).

Serving size

Suggested serving size: 2 tablespoons is about 22 grams

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