Methionine - the critical sulfur donor

We’ve all heard that methionine is a limiting amino acid. What isn’t talked about is the amounts of sulfur in our horse’s feeds. During the industrial revolution, sulfur was released into the air as pollution from burning coal. This sulfur landed on the soil, being incorporated into plants, providing plenty of sulfur for our horses. With the advent of pollution controls, the sulfur content in the soil is being depleted by currently growing plants. This is a fairly new phenomenon.

This reduction in sulfur has an effect on the horse. We’ve known for years that good hoof integrity is dependent upon the addition of methionine (for its sulfur content). Its also important for hair, skin, and tendons. Additionally, its important as an anti-oxidant.

You can support your horse by adding a supplement that adds additional methionine. My Best Horse carries Top Three Aminos and Top Four Aminos that addresses this issue. Alternatively, you can purchase methionine as a stand-alone product.
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