Liver issues?

The liver processes blood, breaking down the nutrients and chemicals that your horse ingests. It cleans toxins from the blood, is responsible for metabolic processes of drugs and nutrients, and regulates sugar by the storage of glycogen.

What happens when the liver is overtaxed? Liver enzymes become elevated and body systems are affected.

How to keep your horse’s liver healthy?

Milk thistle contains silymarin, which has been shown to be hepatoprotective, nutritionally supporting a healthy liver.

Are all milk thistle supplements alike?

The short answer is no. The amount of silymarin in milk thistle can vary from less than 1%, to as high as 2‐4%. This means that if you feed the ground herb, your horse may not be getting enough silymarin to adequately support your horse’s liver.

Milk Thistle 63S offered by is 63% silymarin, which means that you only need to feed your horse ¼ teaspoon to receive 500 mg of silymarin. A package of silymarin (100 grams) lasts 140 days.

You KNOW how much silymarin your horse is actually getting when you purchase the standardized extract from My Best Horse.

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