How to supercharge your jiaogulan


The fall is upon us and with it, some horses become footsore. There are numerous articles and resources that give the explanations – rise in ACTH and hyperinsulinemia.

For over a decade, jiaogulan has been helping horses that are laminitic, have abscesses, or are a little footsore. It’s also been used to help promote hoof growth.

How does it do it’s job? It encourages the eNOS pathway for nitric oxide instead of the iNOS pathway. The eNOS pathway is the healing path. It works at the level of the switch.

But you still need the precursors that go down that pathway. That’s where AAKG comes in. Arginine alpha ketoglutarate provides the precursors, which helps the jiaogulan get the job done.

Does your jiaogulan need help? Try AAKG.

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