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Recommended dosage amounts:

Loading dose: 3 grams a.m. and 3 grams p.m. for 10 days.

Maintenance dose: 3 grams daily.

Some horses with extensive issues may benefit from remaining at the loading dose.

Density of this product:

3 grams is approximately 1 ½ US teaspoons.


Mov-Ease is an equine supplement which consists of a proprietary blend of herbs. This herbal blend has been shown to be helpful for horses that suffer from stiffness. It promotes increased comfort during movement for horses with stiffness. It is also rich in antioxidants and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Additional benefits include that it has shown to help combat inflammatory processes, including some allergies and respiratory issues. It also has been shown to have properties that support liver function.

What to expect: Typical results

Because there are so many different levels of stiffness, it is difficult to predict how your horse will respond to this dietary supplemental support. Below are two categories that include most horses.

Horses with fewer problems:

After adding the Mov-Ease twice a day, around day 4 or day 5, it looks like your horse is doing a bit better. But you question if it’s the Mov-Ease, because it may just be that your horse is having a good day. Around day 10, it’s apparent that your horse is doing better. You see more movement and a brighter attitude.

Horses with more issues:

After adding the Mov-Ease, it looks like your horse is more comfortable, but there really isn’t much additional movement. After a month, your trimmer comes to trim your horse’s hooves and your horse is able to have its leg held up longer and it’s easier. When the trimmer comes the next time, it’s even easier on the horse and on the trimmer. The improvement is so gradual that you hardly notice it. Because the trimmer doesn’t see your horse every day, it’s more evident to them.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.